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Anaconda Chemicals’ stock of surplus chemicals is constantly changing, and the materials detailed below represent only a fraction of our available inventory. Where you have an interest, please contact us for technical data, MSDS and price.
Please also feel free to ask us about materials not on this list by visiting
our shopping list - click here.
Zinc stearate
Kemilub EZ
Union Derivan
5760 kg
20 kg paper sacks
Clean, dry and free flowing
Anaconda Chemicals
Oxalic acid
Davsa oxalic acid
Oxaquim Spain
420 kg
25 kg sacks + 10 kg pails
A little lumpy
Anaconda Chemicals
Diammonium phosphate tech, DAP tech
Ammonium phosphate dibasic technical
1000 kg
25 kg plastic sacks
Perfect. Retest date 2019.
Anaconda Chemicals
Sodium aluminate 53/55% fine unstab.
Sodium aluminate 53/55% fine unstab.
19000 kg
25 kg paper sacks
Perfect. C of A available.
Anaconda Chemicals
Surfactant Blend (Anionic/ Ester/ Nonionic Blend)
Pearliser blend
12000 litres
1000 litre IBCs
Pumpable liquid
Anaconda Chemicals
Acrylates / C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Cross-Polymer
Carbopol ETD 2020 NF
20 kg
20 kg carton
Anaconda Chemicals
Rotary Reactor Furnace
HTR 11/ 75
n/ a
Believed to be in working order
Anaconda Chemicals