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Coconut oil
7410 kg
Empty mercury flasks
Nonionic surfactants of all types.
Anaconda Chemicals Ltd want your surplus or unwanted chemical stock urgently. In principle, we are happy to consider all types of chemical products, especially:
Detergents and detergent products
Phosphates and phosphoric acid
Pharmaceutical intermediates
Food Additives
Toiletry raw materials
Industrial chemicals
Solvents (both prime and recovered)
Perfumes and Flavours
Dyes and Pigments
Surplus (unused) packaging
In order to purchase your surplus chemicals, we normally need to know :
The chemical and/ or trade name
of your material.
Total quantity available
Its age and general condition.
Do you have a Technical Data Sheet (TDS), safety data (MSDS) or
Certificate of Analysis?
Pack size and type
Geographic location
To discuss your surplus stock with us, without obligation, you can either complete the following form and submit it directly to us or you can e-mail or fax (01684 833106) or call us (01684 833106).
Name :
Company :
Email Address :
Telephone :
Chemical Details :
Chemical Name :
Trade Name :
Quantity Available :
Age :
General Condition :
Do you have :
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data
Certificate of Analysis
Pack Size :
Pack Type :
Geographic Location :